hello etsy and some questions for you...

what a weekend!

amy and i spent all of saturday at the hello etsy conference and we had such a blast!
my head is still going a mile a minute with all of the great advice i heard and ideas i got.

i loved that the focus was on collaboration, community, and having a strong sense of mission.
on working with our fellow makers to create a strong community of small businesses.
that sentiment makes me feel so much more empowered
to keep doing what i love, and if i do it well, and the success will follow.

so while i'm planning, plotting, and scheming for the months ahead,
i thought it would be fun to ask you, dear supportive readers, what you're interested in!
here's a fun, cheesy little survey for you about what you look for in a crafty gift.
i'm playing around with the idea of creating kits for projects complete with materials,
or an e-course filled with lots of different projects and tutorials i've been dreaming up.
i would love to hear what you think!

let me know in your comments, or you can let me know in the survey.
i have lots of ideas and projects i can't wait to share with you guys,
and can't wait to get started on them!

hope you all have a great week and thanks for being so awesome!


  1. I so wanted to attend the Etsy Portland but maybe next time!


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