best weekends ever.

wow, this last week has been the best week my michael and i have had in so long!

- labor day the mr and i just took an epic walk all around se portland town.
we haven't explored that area much and completely fell in love with it!
there were so many little things to discover, including a painted intersection,
and our little baby dream house!
some day...

- the school i work at started back up on tuesday, and things have been going SO smoothly!
being in charge of all the detailed paper work end of a daycare with 175 kids is not easy,
but the past week went so well, i have no fear that this is going to be a good school year. yay!

- the mr michael also got a job this weekend!
on campus, about 15 hours a week, with total potential to make a career out of it. yay!

- friday night we drove up to visit michael's brother and drive around in his fancy new car.
he had a tough week medically, and it was really good to see him and hang out with him.
i also snuck a couple pictures of his purple heart and medals...

- in celebration of new jobs and big paychecks,
we bought a computer!!
we have been computer-less all summer,
and although the library computer lab has been fun,
we are SO happy about being able to blog and email and surf and everything from home again!

this week the plan is to get organized, prepped, and caught up for the school year ahead,
so my receptionist life and blogging life can co-exist peacefully :]

all i know is that if things keep up like this,
this is going to be the best year ever!


  1. Ah! I live in SE! I really love this part of Portland (although I haven't yet explore everything!) Hawthorne is my favorite street so far.

    What campus are you and your Mr. working at?

  2. Congratulations on all the exciting new stuff!! Yay for jobs :)


  3. That really does seem like the best weekend ever! Can I come next time? :)

  4. yay-- how exciting! jobs, computers + paycheck are always good to have. congrats to you both.


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