a new site and a new haircut

august sure came in a hurry!
but i think i'm ready, with my new layout and new haircut!!

saturday morning i finally got my lazy bum to get a haircut,
and now have a 12 inch long kinda creepy little pony tail waiting to be mailed off for a donation.
having all that long hair to play with was pretty fun,
but i've missed my fun flippy short hair.

but back to the blog,
there are all kinds of changes for you to check out,
most important of which being that i'm now blogging from my very own domain!
i'm now officially www.michaelannmade.com!
there are also new tabs with archived project pages for you to look at,
and you can now follow my blog with Bloglovin.

i hope you like the new site,
and please feel free to let me know if you stumble on any technical difficulties.
happy august!!


  1. I love the new layout! And your haircut looks great! Ha ha I can only imagine you with short hair.

  2. Cute hair!! Cute layout!! August is the perfect month for changes... back-to-school season always seems like the new year to me.

  3. Awww! LOVE your new haircut! You look crazy adorable! It is probably a little weird having shorter hair but you will use a lot less shampoo! (That is what I experienced when I cut my hair recently, hehe). And your new layout is so pretty too. I think I already told you that. But it is still true!

    Happy Wednesday!

  4. Well to me it's like the real Michael is back :)
    I luvs it!!
    (And something is going in the mail for you next p-day!)

  5. ch-ch-ch-changes! i love the simple new layout. very clean and polished.
    i've always wanted to do a big hair donation like that, but mine just won't grow. what a great new 'do, too!


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