well hello july!

dear july, where did you come from so quick?!

i don't think i am quite prepared for everything you are about to bring
like fireworks on the waterfront
road trips to the california sunshine
blogging crafting and renegade fair tripping with my sister
harry potter parties nerd fests and midnight showings
and sewing sewing sewing with all kinds of crafty friends!

the mr and i were busy most of the week spending time with friends and family
(that is what summer is all about after all!)
but i did make time to spruce up the blog a bit for the new month.
there are still a million little things i want to tweak, 
but for now i'm content,
at least enough to get off the computer and go enjoy the weekend sun :]

happy weekend everyone!
and happy july!


  1. thanks for your sweet comment on my blog, michael ann! and i must say, i love your blog as well!! i'm going to have to spend a few minutes (er... hours) in the back pages! :) happy july!


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