song for your saturday - bon iver

greetings from california!

the mr and i road tripped down to the bay area
and are having the best time just relaxing, eating, and spending time with family.
the most exciting part of the trip being - the renegade craft fair!
we're hoping to get there early,
which means i had better get off the computer and get ready to be crafty!

i just thought i would leave you with a song we've been listening to lots while here
holocene from the new bon iver album.
the perfect song for driving around your hometown at dusk,
and so far my favorite song on the album.

and while i'm here, i should really thank you all for your feedback on the shirtdress!
i am floored that you all love it so much,
and want to thank you for letting me know what you think of it.
it's those moments that really motivate me to keep doing what i love :]

i hope that you all have a fantastic weekend,
and i'll see you back in portland next week :]