ombre dip dye - part two

what an adventure this little polyester shirt has put me on!

the white shirt that i dyed with my sister was quite a bit large
so i took the time to slim down the sides and sleeves
and rolled up the sleeves to make some little cuffs.
totally styling.
but not quite.
the royal blue dye i had used was so light that it just made the shirt look dirty.
i figured i could just redye the whole previously dyed area in the navy blue to solve it,
and then of course i dropped the whole shirt in the dye when i was just about done...
no worries, now its just a light pink to darker pink shirt,
until i was rinsing out the dye and noticed these crazy splotches all over!
not really sure what happened there.
ugh, crazy polyester shirt, you win.
you dirty looking splotchy mess!
at least it fits well?

and just for comparison's sake,
i also took a picture of the plain old cotton tee that i dyed,
which came out PERFECT!
so its not all that bad of a project if i still have one wearable shirt... oops :]

curse you splotches!


  1. stupid splotches! the t-shirt looks awesome though!!

  2. Oh the cotton one looks great! I'm a little skeptical about dying synthetics.
    Also, address has been removed :)
    Here's mine!

    105 Westpark Drive Ste 190
    Brentwood, TN 37027

    And you don't have to delete it because I want mail from whoever will send it!

    Oh dear. Pathetic.

  3. They look so good! <3


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