home again

good morning portland!

the mr and i had such a fabulous time with my family in california
but are glad to be back in our little home
and excited to get to work on all the big plans we've been making.

there are lots of craft projects and renegade pictures and thrift discoveries
that i can't wait to show you next week,
but until then here are some instagrams of our adventures!

now i'm off to get ready for a certain midnight showing of a certain movie tonight...
my nerdy middle school harry potter loving self can hardly wait :]


  1. This nerdy middle school Harry Potter lover can't wait either! ;)

    Glad you had fun in California!

  2. those pictures make me homesick for bay area!

    (ps the word i had to verify is craft. how did you do that!?)

  3. how awesome is instagram? mucho.
    i hope you had fun at hp! i told my mission president a few similarities between the deathly hallows and the gospel but he was totally not buying it...


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