a delightful surprise

the other day my mr got an email that we had a package waiting for us,
imagine our surprise when it was a huge box from southern california!

my dear aunt kelly had been cleaning out her crafty stash
and found some little fabric yoyo's my sister and i had made at her house summers ago.
so she sent me a giant box full of her fabric i had fallen in love with!
i now have quite the collection of adorable vintage reproduction fabric
with some of the cutest little patterns and colors.
i foresee lots of aprons and coin purses and little girl's dresses in my future...

vintage reproduction fabric
vintage reproduction fabric
vintage reproduction fabric
vintage reproduction fabric


  1. Oh my gosh! I wish I had an aunt with an awesome fabric stash! :) That rooster fabric is sooooo cute!

  2. nice! how sweet of your aunt!

  3. The laundry one is adorable and I love those blue roosters! Lucky, lucky!

  4. Aww! What a nice surprise! You are going to make such adorable things! I LOVE that Alice fabric- how sweet!

    Happy Tuesday!

  5. adorable! I look forward to seeing what you come up with :)

  6. Ohh, I am oh-so envious! <3 I can't wait to see what beauties you create!

    Lost in the Haze

  7. thanks guys, so much excitement! looks like i better get busy crafting ;]


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