song for your saturday - the honey trees

between the mr getting ready for finals next week
and trying to launch a business this summer,
and me trying to get everything ready at work
for the school year to end in a week and a half,
we have been busy!

but this morning sun is shining, the weatherman forecasts eighty degrees,
and we have a whole lot of fun planned for this weekend!

today's song for saturday is a cover of moonriver by the honey trees.
perfect for dreamy summer days full of sunlight and sewing :]

i hope you have a fabulous weekend!
there are lots of fun projects i'm planning to post next week,
so i had better see you back here monday ;]


  1. Ohh what a nice song! I've never heard about this group before, the girl voice reminds me Russian Red.

  2. Oh such a pretty song! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I am glad I got your hooked on grannies. They are addicting!
    Cute blog!!


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