portland walks

the mr and i have gone on some epic walks the past couple weekends!

last weekend was up to washington park,
around northwest town
till we got pooped and took the streetcar home.
this past saturday was down to the waterfront,
across the steel bridge,
down the opposite side of the river,
then back across the hawthorne bridge home.


they were both so different, one forest-y and rainy the whole day
the other full of people and noise and sun,
but were both so fun i don't think i could pick a favorite.

walks have always been my favorite thing to do with my mr,
and i'm so excited for a whole summer full of them :]


  1. Love, love, love that 2nd picture of the bridge! happy walking!

  2. So beautiful :) I have always wanted to go to Portland!

    I hope you have a great night!


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