latest thrift store finds

summer finally came to portland this weekend,
which meant a trip to the tiniest goodwill on burnside for summer clothes!
of course this morning is cloudy again, that's portland for you...

one of these days i'm going to learn the trick to taking decent pictures
inside a tiny apartment with only clouds for natural light.
until then, here are a few pictures of two of my finds -

a ruffly polka dotty little forever 21 top, perfect for my secretary wardrobe
and a FABULOUS little vintage number from "my latest leslie fay"
i'm sure all that polyester is going to kill on summer days,
but don't those flowers just scream garden party?

now the sun just needs to stay out for longer than a day at a time...

Sweet Serendipity


  1. I love that shirt! The dress too. Great finds! I'm jealous!

  2. YAY I'm so glad you joined our thriftaholics directory. Can't wait to see what you link up. ALL this stuff is so so fabulous. LOVE the shirt!!

  3. So...those are actually some really GOOD pictures for inside light and clouds. Wow!!!

  4. I would definitely wear this beauty..lucky you!

    Lynda ubersavvy.blogspot

  5. That dress...had me at hello!! *SWOON*

    Great finds! Why is it that 90% of vintage finds were made out of THEE hottest polyester fabric? Is that all they had back then?

  6. Great pieces! You have a really good eye! :)

  7. I LOVE that blouse! Its SO cute!! I'll definitely be following you too! :)



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