indie and chic

i love mail
especially when it contains something fabulous and handmade!

this weekend the package i ordered
from the so cute etsy shop indie and chic arrived!
and i couldn't be happier with the little earrings and hairclip i got.

since my hair has gotten longer i've been trying to actually style it
so when i saw this gold leaf hairclip on samantha's blog
i knew i had to spoil myself and get it :]

today its holding up a little fishtail braid
and i am loving it.
what a great start to the week!
thanks samantha for being awesome :]


  1. so cute!!!! i love your long hair.

  2. I'm totally stealing that hair idea. It's lovely :)

  3. wow! the clip looks stunning in your hair... loving the fish tail :)

    xoxo p.s. you are awesome too!


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