five things we ate this weekend

- burgerville cheeseburgers and milkshakes with a scenic drive through se portland
- safeway sandwiches in the sunny art museum courtyard
- papa johns pepperoni olive pizza on the couch while watching movies
- memorial day campfire hot dogs and smores in the corvallis family's yard
- sonic blast milkshakes on the drive home to portland

i hope your memorial day weekend was as delicious as ours!


  1. That all sounds so wonderful!
    Nothing really quite beats delivery pizza with movies, does it? :)


  2. ohh I don't now why I can't see the photos, anyway I'm going to check it later.
    About your comment: I'm a big fan of wiksten too, because the clothes are simple and sophisticated at the same time.

  3. oh man thanks for the heads up! i couldn't see some of the pictures on my husbands computer and just figured it was our lame internet... i think the pics are fixed now, i hope!

  4. Burgerville is amazing!! Especially their milkshakes! The husbee is from Oregon and it's tradition to always go to Burgerville when we visit! Love it!


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