picture shelf

my little mr is the best guy i know!

for my birthday he bought me a print from the portland based team jolby,
of all the bridges of portland called "a bridge from me to you"
included in the present was the company and labor necessary
to hang a picture shelf we had bought at ikea ages ago.
i have been talking about hanging up pictures for ever!

the weekend was spent buying frames for both the new print
and a little drawing my sister had done for me
of the lyrics to edward sharpe and the magnetic zeros song "home".
add in a little pop of color with some pretty paper
from the art supply store down the street,
and tadah!
a swanky new bedroom :]


  1. Dear Glen,
    Send me one too.
    Ha ha!

  2. really beautiful room! =)
    I'm from Spain I have never listened that last sentence: holy moly...
    I have looked for it, it's from a song... I HAVE FALLEN IN LOVE WITH IT IT'S PRETTY PRECIOUS!

  3. cute shelf!! p.s. i LOVE that song!!


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