felted sweater pillow

last year i bought the michael b a pretty blue sweater for his birthday.
that we forgot about one day while doing laundry
and inadvertently felted...

combine that poor little felted sweater
with a wonderful floral dress i never wear anymore
and you have the cutest little pillow that you ever did see!

i am now very much in love with how much of a difference
a pretty little pillow can make in our poor grey house.
many more pillows are in the works...

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  1. Out of an old sweater and dress? That's so cool, it looks great!

  2. this is too cute!
    really, you did such a great job!


  3. ooo i love that! i want pillows like this on my couch!

  4. I would love to know how you made the flower part. I think that would be darling as a hair clip for my girls :) mistiborge@yahoo.com


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