good things.

i haven't done a very personal post in a while
and so many good things have been happening in the past couple weeks
i really feel i need to share how grateful i am :]

- my darling sisterinlaw brittany was accepted to brigham young university, provo.
this is exciting because i just graduated from there last year so am terribly biased,
and it was her top choice and ultimate dream.
and it gives the mr and i an excuse to road trip out there to visit her and old friends.

- my bestest friend miss marisa is home from her 18 month lds mission to san diego.
i had no idea she going home last week,
and was so terribly excited and surprised when she called.
it sounds like she had such a wonderful experience
and did such a great job serving the people of san diego
and i couldn't be more proud of her :]
or excited that i have my bff back.

- my craziest sister glenn mae is all settled back at home in california,
and after only a week of searching, is employed!
i miss having her up in portland town with me
but things are working out for her much better in california
and i am soo glad.

- and speaking of jobs,
my mother dearest is once again employed at the oakland a's coliseum
all trained and ready and waiting for baseball season to start!
this has been a very big deal for her and i am so happy and proud of her.

- and last but most certainly not least,
my dear grandma went in for surgery this past monday to remove some ovarian/uterine cancer
and is now at home recovering with her family with not a speck of cancer in sight!

life for both the mr and i and our families has been pretty crazy the past six months
but i am so happy to see that things are working out well for all of us.
to say that we are blessed is such an understatement
and i am so grateful :]

(my girls - sister ellie, bff keri, sister glenn, me, sil emily, sil brittany, bff marisa)


  1. Oh this post makes me so happy! I couldn't believe Marisa was home yet either!

  2. Yeah for your friends and family!
    Also, that is a rockin' picture.

  3. I love your blog! I had such a wonderful time browsing through and getting to know you! Keep up the good work!
    P.S Thank you so much on the lovely comment regarding the ring crochet necklace!

  4. you guys are the coolest chicks in town. this pic rocks. PS: my kid brother just got into byu too and my BFF of all time just got back from her mish in Sweden. what what! ;)


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