a month of restyles

i've been organizing and cleaning all our closets
and my pile of "things to make something new out of"
is getting a little out of control...

so i decided to take the a beautiful mess project restyle challenge
and am dedicating march as my month of restyles!
i'm hoping that sharing with you the things i'm working on
will give me the accountability i need to follow through ;]

the ingredients for this week -

plane jane grey tshirt
long sleeve blue shirt
silly grey sweat pants
grey thermal shirt

i have a whole lot of grey clothes in my closet
that are just too plain and i never seem to wear them.
using bits and pieces from all four of these,
i'm hoping to make a couple fun new things to wear this week.

my first creation - the restyle ruffle tee!

the most classic of all restyles, this shirt was pretty easy.
i cut a couple strips of fabric from the bottom of the sweatpants
and gathered them with my sewing machine to make some cute ruffles.
throw in a little bit of lace, and hello anthropologie!

and easy as that i have a cute new shirt!
i think this restyle goal is just what my closet needed...
have you restyled anything lately?


  1. That is so cool, I love how you added a little bit of eyelet too. Well done!

  2. Oh my goodness, are you going to SELL these? Or ones like them? I love it! I wish I had the smarts to do stuff like that :)

  3. thank you guys! i hadn't thought of selling these, but i think you've got my wheels turning...

  4. Thanks for your comment, it made my day :) Also, your blog header is A-dorable. The end.


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