lets get ready for valentines!

i love the craftiness of valentines
and making colorful things to brighten the long winter months.
valentines day is only one week away,
and my poor little house is not prepared!

because of that,
i would like to try and make this week the unofficial 'valentines week'!
i have a couple fun valentine-y project ideas floating around my brain
and hope to share them with you this week.

what better way to start off the week than with a little inspiration?
i just recently got an account on pinterest
and have to tell you that i love it!
it's a picture bookmarking site, but allows you to organize them into inspiration boards.

here are a couple pictures from my valentines board -

to make.

to give.

to wear.

i hope you're as excited as i am to get crafty this week!
what sorts of valentines projects have you found that you're working on?
i would love to see :]


  1. you have to do the valentine's dolls! mr. and mrs. shreeve version!

  2. aww, I love the paperdoll valentine ; )



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