chalk board clip board

in an effort to make 2011 the year i actually finish projects,
i made a giant chalkboard out of an old drawing clipboard
from my drawing 101 class in college.

just a couple coats of chalk board paint,
and i now have the coolest memo board ever.
two little clips on top for notes,
and lots of chalkboard space.

there has also been a lot of furniture rearranging around here,
and the mr's desk is now right next to mine.
not only are hoping to spend more time together now,
but we're hoping that having to share the space
makes us keep it a little more organized...
not like i have a cluttery desk problem or anything...

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  1. what an awesome idea!! and can i just say that i am IN LOVE with your blog??

  2. Brilliant! I was looking at mine in the garage last weekend trying to figure out what to do with it!


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