wrist warmers

digging through my crafty things the other day
i found this little pair of almost finished wrist warmers
i made two winters ago when that's all i knitted.
just had to tuck in a few little strings,
and all done!

man, it feels so good to actually finish a project.
i should really do it more often... ;]

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  1. These are really lovely! Learning to knit is on my list of crafty-to-dos. Along with quilting. If only I had all the time in the world.

  2. I'm also feeling like knitting lately, though it's short-sleeve-winter... I'm probably synchronized with the Romanian weather...

    Aww finishing a long forgotten project does feel great! They look so cool!


  3. They look so good. I am terrible for not totally finishing my projects off I have two cowls that need buttons and a pair of mitten that needs thumbs! Kristen

  4. those are so cute + seriously practical, I need to copy you in the wrist warmer (and finishing knitted projects) department! haha!


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