goodbye baby pumpkins

hello christmas!

i had post one last fallish picture
because i realized that i failed to post this little baby fabric pumpkin.
i had dreams of making a million, because they're so sweet,
but of course, time got away from me...
i used this tutorial from danielle thompson
and will definitely be coming back to it next year.

but now,
it's time for christmas crafts!!
i am very. excited!

what sorts of crafts are you going to be up to this season?
any good projects or diys for christmas that you've found?!
i've been stashing some ideas on the tumblr blog
and would love to see what everyone else is planning on crafting up :]


  1. I am so excited to see what you create! Micheal you have some intense crafting bones in your body!
    I have some christmas crafting ideas on my pinterest


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