in the month since i last posted...

- the mr and his parents went out to walter reed hospital in dc to visit the brother! quite an experience for all of them, i know that my mr came back changed from the things he saw.

- i stayed those two weeks with the little sisters and loved every minute of it. i really love corvallis, it's so quiet and small town-y cute. i had quiet mornings to myself then busy crafting, driving, homeworking, disney channel watching, cupcake making nights with the girls. it was a very welcome break :]

- brother and mr flew to fort lewis in washington state on a giant army plane. mr said it was one of the top ten experiences of his life. he chatted it up with the flight nurses the entire time, and now wants their job.

- my sister flew in from california and we got her all moved into her dorm here at portland state! i am just so excited to be real life sisters again. and to get all our crafting dreams rolling.

- during all of this craziness, i got a job! of course minutes after we found out matthew was going to be moved close to home, i got a call saying i got a job. working at an aftercare program for an elementary school less than ten minutes from my house. i started on friday and i think i'm really going to love it. the kids are really fun, the staff is super friendly, and the schedule and benifits are ridiculous. what a blessing.

- the mr and sister and i went up to visit the wounded warrior last week. he is doing so well, free from all the tubes and wires, and was discharged from the hospital yesterday. he's now living on base focusing on getting that arm working. certainly one of the bravest people i've ever seen. during his physical therapy he is experiencing pain that would make me pass out. but he just keeps doing what he knows he needs to do.

so now we're back to our regularly scheduled programming. but with a brighter outlook i feel. i have a job, a really awesome job. the mr is back in school as of yesterday and likes all of his classes so far. i'm excited for us to find a new routine and a slower paced life, haha :]

really all i can think about is how blessed we have been this past month. all of our worries and wonderings of this summer have been answered. if we hadn't been in oregon, or if we had jobs, there is no way we could have helped the family like we did. it really restored my faith that everything does work out in the end.

now after all that reading, here's a little video for you! the 60 minutes film crew was in germany when matthew was there, and filmed him and his buddy shot in the hand recieving their purple hearts! pretty incredible. (matt is in the bed)


  1. that's so amazing! i'm glad your life is full of...eeeeverything. it sounds lovelu. :] I'm glad Michael's brother is safe and sound. and hooray for a job! i love jobs. well, having money. ha.


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