i would like to declare last week a resounding success!

dress: done.
of course i didn't get any pictures before it was whisked out the door by the lovely bride...
i'll have to see about getting some because it came out pretty dang cute if i say so myself.

having my sister and two chiquitas all in our not so large apartment: awesome.
and my husband is still alive, even after all the giggling.

getting my sister totally excited to move up here: check.
we spent an evening having a doodle sesh, just like old times
and i can feel my creative juices flowing once more!
i am just so excited to have a doodle buddy again.

and the cherry on top?
my dreams of being a weather woman: totally fulfilled.
we went to the omsi science museum on friday,
and saw dinosaurs, went to the deep sea with johnny depp,
and most importantly got to forecast the weather.

a great weekend to be sure :]

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