i love...

- that he takes me out for walks when i get antsy
- how patient he is with me at the fabric store
- our weekly library trips and the stack of books he comes home with
- our late night debriefings talkings chattings gigglings cuddlings
- his warm squeezing hugs that remind me that everything will be okay
- that this sunday we will have been married for one. whole. year!

here's a million more :]


  1. SHUT THE FRONT DOOR! I can't believe it's already been a year! A million congrats on the wonderful life you have together!

  2. congrats and wishing you to keep adding things to your list! and that's a lovely pic!

  3. you two are such a cute pair! I love the photo! and congratulations on a year of marriage!

  4. Adorable! You dress and shoes were amazing too! Congrats!

  5. so beautiful + heartfelt. happy anniversary!

    xo Alison

  6. this is such a sweet post, I love it, and happy anniversary!

  7. Seriously? It's been a year already? Wow, time flies.

    We're having a Shreeve family reunion on Labor Day weekend if guys can make it down we'd love to have you. I know it's not very likely because of the cost, but I thought I would throw the invite out there just in case. :)

    Love you, and congratz on the anniversary!


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