doodles and things.

my it's been hot these past couple days!
and our poor little computer is sick and doesn't like cooperating with the internet...
which puts quite a damper on things, especially job hunting.
but the mr and i are trying out a new philosophy:
be busily working towards our goals,
but not get all anxious and worked up like our poor worry wart selves tend to do.

so i'm working hard at job searching during the day,
then making time for doodling while watching lord of the rings with the mr at night.
not a bad way to live i'm thinking :]

here's a little bit of monday night's doodle...

trying out a new doodle style.
what do you think?!


  1. That is so beautiful! It reminds me of hair and, well, August :)

  2. I have just fallen a little bit in love with your blog and Tumblr, I am giving them both metaphorical high 5's right now :]

  3. I love it! I found it on Tumblr and it took me to your blog. Wahoo!

  4. um, how do you do that? cool.

  5. this is gorgeous! good luck with the job front. what kind of work are you looking to get into? (illustration?!)

  6. i actually studied photography but would love to do some illustrative work. you definitely have a knack for it!


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