summer time sewing - gingham edition

so i finally got that poor old sewing machine out.
i was inspired by that little pink striped tote bag below,
that bow was just too cute!
i had some summery gingham bits leftover from my sewing class,
but of course once i sewed it up, it was too small and whimpy for a tote...
enter creativity!
fold it over and its perfect clutch size.
stick that fatty bow on top and its ready for a summer night ice cream run :]


  1. that is adorable... I need a sewing machine so badly... I think it's a must have on my birthday list :)

  2. i'll take one in yellow! :)
    srsly, you should put some on your etsy shop

  3. good to know miss jessica, i just might have to... ;]

  4. I love that you're so creative and love to sew. I've been making aprons for the Y.W. in my ward to take on their pioneer treck. Let's just say....I can't wait until I'm done...

  5. I love this tote, it's absolutely perfect!



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