the seaside wrap dress

i have been dreaming of making a wrap dress for quite some time,
and finally did it last week!
i have quite the stash of little buttons
and used this as an opportunity to show some of them off.

there are two little seaside buttons on the sleeves
that have just the right amount of puff and a little pleat near the cuff.
the two buttons on the front are the closure for the dress.
i drafted the pattern myself,
and was pretty pleased at how well it turned out,
this being my first wrap dress from scratch!
of course there are some little nit-picky things i would change,
but on the whole i'm pretty excited about having a new little summer dress!

what do you think?
do my pictures have the right amount of cheesy factor? (hahah)


  1. lovely! how did you get started with making clothes? it seems like such a daunting endeavor !

  2. Beautiful dress. I would totally buy it!

  3. ok, so the dress is amazing!, you are super talented, and Nathan wants me to learn to sew from you. Also your hair is getting really long, and looks really pretty on to sum it up, you rock!

  4. wow, i'm impressed, the dress looks great. i'm very intimidated about dressmaking. You did a wonderful job!


  5. So cute! Thank you for visiting my blog! I will try to keep posting pics of Utah so you won't be too homesick, and will visit your blog because I LOVE the Northwest and I will live vicariously though you : ) Nice to "meet" you!


  6. So cute and I definitely do love the cheesy factor!


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