rose garden goodness

the mr and i have been having so much fun exploring our new town!
we went up to the international rose test garden two weekends ago
and it was soo beautiful!
about a million roses, all in bloom,
and although mr's allergies didn't enjoy it, they smelled so wonderful.
it was so incredible to see so many different colors.
my favorites are always the variegated ones,
how do they know to put the colors where they do?

these were my favorite. they look like they were painted.
and how beautiful would it be to have a skirt that looked like that...

our little city of roses :]


  1. Hey, we went there the last time we were up there, and that place is gorgeous.

  2. oh my goodness, I too prefer the variegated, esp the "painted" looking ones, they are just amazing! I wish so badly we could see you guys, we absolutely NEED to get together!


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