the little anchor wallet

here's another little craft i did a couple weeks ago.
i love how relaxing it is to embroider
and want to start embroidering more.

i put a little blue anchor on a striped scrap i had,
perfect size for a new little wallet.
put some gold yellow lining and a navy blue zipper and
cuteness. on the go.


  1. Love it!!! especially the anchor!! I love to embroider - I need to get back to doing it.

  2. Darn cute. Get it? /sigh Oh dear. I'm here because Sherry speaks highly of you. So there.

  3. how sweet, i love that sherry :]

    hahaha, and yes, i get it. took me a second i'll admit, but i love it! haha!

  4. omg this is ridiculously cute! i love your blog!


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