dear blueberries,

i love you.
i love having you in my fridge,
always at the ready for snacks by the handful.
i love you in my oatmeal,
all tasty fruity yum.
i love when you're on sale at safeway,
two pound plastic guy for four dollars.
blueberries i'll be eating you all week.


  1. mmmm i love blueberries! i actually looked for them at the supermarket but they weren't available! so I bought some nice blueberry juice instead lol

  2. our bishop's wife was telling us about a u-pick around where we live where you can pick however much, and either pay the rate of leave half with them and take half for free! we are trying to find out where this is so we can go!!!

  3. not sure what i love more, blueberries or the containers they come in. :)


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