never too late for a resolution

while cruising around the byu bookstore for envelopes,
i found this little lovely for 60% off!
the moleskine, big fat one page a day, 2010 journal.
which got me thinking...

back in 2007 president eyring gave a conference talk called "o remember, remember"
it was about how we need to recognize the hand of the lord in every single day,
and how doing so would bring us much closer to him and the spirit.
this really struck a chord with me and i followed eyring's advice
to record in a journal every day
how i saw the hand in the lord in my life that day
and in the lives of those i love.
i went for a good couple months,
and i can honestly say that was one of the strongest times spiritually for me.
considering all the adjustments i have ahead of me
(being a post grad, working in the real world, moving, getting the mr. through school)
what a better way to look for some guidance.
and now, with my new handy dandy journal, how easy!
one page for every day.
now i'll know when i don't write,
and i'm only pressured to write a page's worth.

granted its may,
but i figure any time is a good time to start a resolution.
and i'm pretty excited about this one :]


  1. Love this idea!!! you are practically perfect in every way!! Love you guys!!

  2. You amaze me. I wish we lived closer to each other so we could hang out and some of your trates could rub off on me. Love you!


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