alert! i'm a top week finalist!

so over at the blog made by rae,
she's having a spring top week,
where you had to make a top for yourself for spring.
i entered a little yellow ruffly number,
and looks like i'm a finalist!

this now means that i have to get everyone i know to vote
(its on the right sidebar of her blog, and only once of course :])
over at her blog.
voting ends tomorrow morning, at like 6 am, so you'd better hurry!
today is the last batch of semi-final voting,
and this weekend will be the battle of the best.
there have been some really awesome and creative tops,
certainly a whole batch of spring/summer sewing inspiration over there.
yay for sewing!

springy yellow ruffle top - by michaelannn


  1. You are at 6 votes! Including me! Go Michael Ann!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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