the perfect day

wake up slowly, but still before nine
go running in the fresh morning sun
do laundry dishes shower eat breakfast make the house smell good before noon
wear a skirt
check some homework off my to-do list with the window wide open
work on crafty projects while the mr takes a nap in the afternoon sun
eat mashed potatoes watch planetary documentaries and dog the bounty hunter
cuddle to sleep :]

i think i'm going to adjust to this post graduate jobless life juuuuuuust fine.

coming soon

crafty mess

(stay tuned for a headband hairpiece update this weekend!)


  1. Sounds wonderful! Yay for you being crafty! So cute!

  2. Of course we can be blogger friends! I'll miss seeing you in sewing. Good luck studying :(

  3. I want one...or two...or three :D


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