happy april!

best april fool's joke seen today:
waking up to snow on the ground...
oh utah.

and for those who were wondering,
the mr did a wonderful job making me feel special on my birthday,
making me his first ever bunny cake,
and hiding all my little trinkets around the house like an easter egg hunt.
he knows me too dang well :]

(also, the artful blogging magazine that he found for me
is way. cool.
bunches of interviews with famous bloggers on how they got started and why they do what they do.
that, and lots of pretty pictures of course.)




  1. Oh Michael A. you and the Mr. are so cute! I'm glad you got your bunny cake!

  2. Soooo fun! He does know you rather well doesn't he.

  3. I think I need a peek at that magazine!

    p.s. happy birthday!


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