big box of birthday books!

i got a big fat amazon gift card from my family for my birthday
had it all spent in about five minutes,
and just got themmmm!

lets review!

birthday books!

great food fast by martha stewart
sew u home stretch by wendy mullin of built by wendy fame
and printing by hand by lena corwin
(i also got a subscription to lucky mag, but i have to wait for that one... boo.)

great food fast - martha stewart

martha stewart food is sometimes too fancy, but i think this book is a little more manageable than most. and dangit all, i know i married a chef and all but i want to learn to cook! hahah

sew u home stretch - wendy mullin

this book is all about sewing knits, like jersy dresses and sweatshirts and things, and i am sooo excited. i've never really sewn knits before and my aunt gave me a serger over thanksgiving, so now i can learn how to use it!

printing by hand - lena corwin

printing by hand - lena corwin

i've always wanted to learn how to print and this book has all kinds of different techniques. and when i saw it at my friend cami's house and went through it page by page, i was sold. printing my own designs on my sheets and pillows and everything in between? yes please.

who needs a job after i graduate when i have all this to keep me busy!?
hahah, right? ;]


  1. Oh, oh. Please use some of your new skills on me?

  2. fun!!! let's have a cooking party. When do you leave? tOO soon!

  3. My Mom has a serger and uses it all the time. You can make fabulous table cloths and curtains super easy.

  4. that cook book is on my amazon wishlist too! along with a million other sewing/cook books. yeah.


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