the (anthro) scarf headband diy

so when my fam and i went up to salt lake,
of course we made a trip into anthropologie.
i spotted this little silk scarf bow headband

first thing i noticed, it had a hairtie sewed in as elastic...
now that's just too easy!

i made sure to take some pictures along the way
so you can try it too ;]

- little elastic hairtie
- pretty silky scarf (mine was thrifted. of course.)
- something to sew with

scarf headband diy
fold up your scarf diagonally, or triangle style,
and cut it as wide as you want your headband to be
plus a little bit of seam allowance for sewing.
mine ended up being about 4 inches.

scarf headband diy
pin up the cut edge, making sure the right sides are together!
and stitch it up!
press open the seam, fold it right side out,
and press it just a baby bit with the seam in the middle of the scarf roll,
so it looks like a man's tie from the backside.
now cut your long scarf snake in half so you can sew in the elastic!

scarf headband diy scarf headband diy
fold over about a 1/4th inch of the cut end,
making sure the backside is facing up, and press it.
then since mine was too wide for the elastic, i folded it down also.

scarf headband diy
fold that edge over your hair tie and pin it and stitch it.
try to sew it close to the folded edge, about an 1/8th of an inch
so you catch all those cut edges inside making a nice clean super pro finish.
then of course repeat on the other side.

scarf headband diy
now all you have to do is tie your loose, pointy ends into a cute little bow,
and rock your new headband all over town!

happy crafting!
and feel free to post a link to your version in the comments if you make one,
i'd love to see it!


  1. look at you miss martha stewart...somehow I think you make it look a little toooo easy. You should be in charge of the enrichment committee...think of all the fun those ladies could have :D

  2. Okay, I'll have to try it. But, I agree with Keri, you do make that look too easy . . .

  3. that is the cutest head band I've ever seen!! I love it and I'm gonna make one for Samantha she'll love it..


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