sneek peek!!

so i'm finally doing it,
and starting up an etsy shop!
full of handmade fabric flower corsages and boutonnieres for the prom season/wedding season
as well as a bunch of other lovely accessories and sparkly things once the show gets up and running.

would you like a little peek at what i've got cookin so far?
of course!

sneek peek - vintage yellow

sneek peek - vintage pearl

sneek peek - classy blue

sneek peek - classy white poof

be sure to tell all your friends to look out for the grand opening beginning of april. let the excitement begin!


  1. I should mail Morgan some pictures...she's love it.

  2. What?! This is amazing! Tell me when your shop is up and I've LOVE th feature you on my blog....if you want me to, of course.

    Oh, and I have a few Laurels in YW who I think would love these for Prom. SUCH a great idea!

  3. thank you for your sweet comments!

    and miss heather, i will certainly take you up on that offer! i'll take all the publicity i can get at this point ;]

  4. So cute! Can you make any into headbands? I totally want one!

  5. That are so beautiful and i LOVE them and will go to prom again just to wear one!


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