the old long sleeved shirt into a cardigan trick

i've got one of those season's changing colds where you wake up with your throat feeling like its been rubbed with sandpaper all night... ugh.
and instead of resting so i don't get even more sick i made a sweater of course.


so. easy.
take a long sleeved shirt that fits kinda funny but there's something about it you kinda like so you just can't seem to get rid of it. this one was baggy weird, so i never wore it, but i loved the color and fit of the sleeves.


chop it up the center then add whatever the heck you want to make it trendy cute.
in this case another shirt cut into strips and gathered to make little ruffles.


tada! brand new cardigan!
cost? a couple hours and glasses of orange juice ;]



  1. you make it sound soooo simple...
    if only I could be more like you :D

  2. I'm going to send you my shirts so you can turn them into sweaters

  3. Very clever! Turned out darling.

  4. love, love the new sweater!!! smartypants!!!

  5. Okay, YOU are just adorable!
    Love the new sweater. Keep up that creative thinkin'... and just have fun with whatever you're makin'.haha
    Myrna's called it... smartypants!!!

  6. you are amazing...and I am jealous, you must teach me how to sew!!


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