man on wire.

the mr and i went and saw the documentary man on wire last night at the international cinema on campus,
and both of us were just floored by how incredible it was!
tight rope walker phillipe petit has a lifetime dream of walking between the world trade towers in new york, and i can't spoil it of course! but wow.
it was just a beautiful movie.
one of those that puts your life back into perspective and helps you focus on the important things.
like following your dreams :]


  1. should have said hi to emily...she was working last night. Hmm...that makes me slightly interested in checking it out, but I was going to see another movie tonight...

  2. I've heard this documentary is awesome. I am going to have to order it on Netflix.

    We are going to see Slumdog Millionaire tonight at International Cinema. So excited.

  3. Mike and I watched that on netflix a few months ago. It's amazing.


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