how to make a house a home. part I.

even though we're (hopefully) only going to be spending a couple more months in this little apartment, i figured it was about time i tried to make it a bit more homey, and thought i would share the first round of crafts and things i accomplished.

step one. clean. everything.
nothing smells better then a deep cleaned house.

step two. make the bedroom a place to relax in.
this entailed making a headboard out of some fabric thumbtacked to the wall...

and making a pretty pillow out of an old sweater and shirt.

step three. decorate for the appropriate holiday.
those little hearts multiplied by the dozens and got strung all over the house.
and they're probably not going to come down anytime soon.


  1. Love your headboard idea!!! It is so fun!! A clean house is the best thing ever!! I remember those days when I cleaned and it stayed clean....the last 3 years have gone to pot!! Today was my cleaning the smell of a clean kitchen! Love the little heart strings all around. You are simply wonderful.

  2. michael, i want to be you when i grow up.


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