the newest reality show on discovery channel -

geese hunters!
michael and i created this show last night and think it could be a hit.

left the house at 5ish to get some panda express.
there was a gorgeous v of geese in the air.
of course, didn't have my camera.
went to get it, geese were gone.
lesson learned.


ate panda. went to get dessert supplies.
on way home looked in the sky and saw more geese.
luckily, had the camera this time.
michael drove to chase them, but the windshield was too dirty and the battery on my camera was too low.
drats foiled again.


while stopped at light, saw more geese in the distance behind the hospital.
but by the time the window got rolled down, they were, once again, gone.


we think the intense nail biting edge of your seat drama of this adventure would make quality television. and of course, this morning when i woke up i swore i heard a bunch of geese in our parking lot... those dirty rascals.

and in much less exciting news, i took a picture of my outfit on thursday... i like plaid.



  1. I want you to teach me your ways in night shots.
    The End.

  2. I'd watch your geese show!!! I'm guessing it would be a comedy?? I thought I saw geese in the first photo but later realized it was just a V shaped smudge on the computer screen... love your plaid - and yellow jacket is that ultrasuade? yummy!!


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