happy two year!

(when i was little i said "two" instead of "new".
hence the title.)

i absolutely love new beginnings and reasons for fresh starts.
the mr and i got back from oregon yesterday afternoon after a wonderful but admittedly bittersweet christmas week with his family and brother.
today's to do list includes downloading pictures, never you fear.

and speaking of pictures and fresh starts, i set a goal.
this goal is to take a picture every single day of the year.
i'm hoping that this will make me take more chances, get over my fear of taking pictures in public places and looking like a tourist, and make me a better photographer of course!
and the plan is to blog those pictures.
i'm quite excited.

now, to unpack,
and prepare for a new year!


  1. Wahoo, glad you're back safe and sound, and that you had such a great time in Oregon. Can't wait to see the pictures. Love you!


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