this saturday's song

is in honor of today
one year ago
when the mr and i met on a blind date to a basketball game.
he was tricked into it
and neither of us liked basketball much.
but he asked for my number
found out i liked bon iver one week later
and we've been inseparable since.


  1. hi love girl! and 'love guy'? tee-hee (notice: everything michael must have a male counterpart!?)
    congratulations on your anniversary. i love you both. michael ann, if i didn't thank you this week for putting me back together last week, thank you...
    xo mommy

  2. I went to the basketball game on Friday and thought of you both...and how a year ago we were all there together and the magic began...hahaha and I remember you coming over and reading the texts about bon iver :D happy days...


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