oooh my!

this weekend was very relaxing,
and oh how i'm grateful.
deep cleaned the kitchen,
went to the salt lake temple
and window shopped at the mall,
and did lots of knitting
while watching top chef with the mr.

the next two days on the other hand
have a to do list as long as my arm.
including write a paper
do about a thousand math assignments
and get the car fixed up and ready
i can't wait to see my little sistoh,

and do nothing but knit for the 12 hour car ride.
thanksgiving here we come!

(random pictures from the drive to slc this weekend.
we love driving.
and my new tights and shoes :])


  1. yay for cleaning and temples and finishing hw and future trips to california.
    too bad you're not going to a place called mountain view. we'd be oh so much closer...


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