its a bird, its a plane

no, its those crazy michaels!
happy halloween from lois & clark :]

(yes this should be read as a story.
yes i made his shirt out of felt because we couldn't find a single superman tshirt in all of provo.
yes all of my clothes are from di.
yes this is how we spent halloween night :])


  1. you guys are so stinkin' cute, i can't even handle it. i think i speak for most married women when i say that i am so jealous that your hubby will play along with these fun ideas!

  2. I love your blog!! what great super hero's you both make -- (I think Lois was a super hero too)!! Glad you had a great halloween! I told you I was going to copy your reception for Samantha's B-Day well it's the 13th next Friday. you're invited:) I can't wait to do the candy bar adn the mini cupcakes - I'm gonna start baking monday!!!! Love you both, Aunt Myrna

  3. You two are the cutes things ever! You need to come for a visit one of these day's. Mmmm, Thanksgiving? :) Love you, Aunt Leah


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