i finally did it

and uploaded all of my pictures from my poor old dead and dying computer onto my new fancy-dance external hard drive. there are lots and lots of pictures that i've forgotten about, so i think i will spend some time posting them for whoever still reads this to enjoy.

pictures don't take that much time out of my homework time. right? ;]

my dear miss keri lynn took these beautiful pics at our wedding.
(and ok fine, i couldn't help but pola-rize the last two... but those first two are all keri's doing, and i LOVE them!)


  1. I still check your blog. I love to see the picture you add, especially the one's of you and that nephew of mine. I have a wedding gift to mail out to you, and it should be going out in tomorrow's mail, so watch for it. Hope you enjoy it. Love you, Leah

  2. Love the dress - did you make it?


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