well hello there and welcome!

one of my favorite things is getting the chance to start over start fresh,
and what a better time than right now!

i got married two and a half weeks ago.
i start my last year of college in a couple days.
(and hopefully my last year living in utah :])
and i just generally feel like my life has taken a turn into a new and very exciting direction.

this blog will continue to be mostly me wanting tons of cute things that i can't have, but i'm also hoping to put lots of pictures of the ridiculous adventures mr mike are most certain to have. that, and pictures of the many crafty projects that i'm planning on filling my free time with (thats hoping i have any...)

since we have no internet at our apartment and i'm at the library, you are left with this dopey picture on my flashdrive... cute?

(from the honeymoon in seattle)


  1. I like you.
    I'm exciting for your new and exciting times ahead.
    I'm sad you'll leave me in utah!


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