Mother's Day DIY: Gold Baby Feet

gold baby feet diy 1

there are far things more precious than teenie tiny baby feet.
so what better way to hold onto that feeling forever
than to immortalize their little foot prints in gold paint!

secretly making a print of your favorite little person's feet for their mother
would be such a precious mother's day gift,
or make a couple prints to give to grandparents and dear friends.

gold baby feet diy 3


- gold paint! i used martha stewart's craft paint
- a small pallet for the paint
- a foam brush
- a few sheets of heavy weight paper
- lots of baby wipes or rags

gold baby feet diy 4

although this is a seemingly simple project,
depending on the cooperation of your little one it can turn into quite an operation!
here are a couple tips that i learned in the process:

- get all of your supplies ready before you grab your model.

- using your foam brush more as a stamp pad than a paint brush will provide better results.
  try to dab on a light coat of paint to the feet.
  if there is too much paint, you are more likely to get a smeared print or puddle of paint.

- i found that bringing the paper to the foot instead of the foot to the paper worked well
  for keeping things steady while printing.

- make quite a few prints with the one foot before switching to the other.
  the chances of getting a smear pretty dang high
  so make sure you give yourself plenty of opportunities to get two good prints.

- most important, be quick!
  your model will probably have a pretty short attention span for this,
  so get your prints and get outta there!

gold baby feet diy 5

when you're done, lay your prints out to dry,
and give your model extra snuggles for being so good!
crop your print to fit inside a frame,
and admire your darling handiwork.

i know i will be admiring my little prints this mother's day!

gold baby feet diy 6

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  1. Oh this is the sweetest thing! I love how it looks framed up on your wall... makes my heart happy :)

    1. Thanks so much Katherine! It makes my heart pretty happy too :]


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