little bow zipper wallet pdf pattern - for sale now!

little bow zipper wallet pattern

oh my goodness i am so excited for today!
the launch of my very first ever, for sale, totally legit pdf sewing pattern -

the little bow zipper wallet pdf pattern!

this pdf pattern is for a 4"x6" fully lined zippered wallet
that you can embellish with a ribbon
and includes instructions for making your own fabric bow.

it contains clear photos for every step of the process
and has many helpful hints thrown in
so even the most beginning of sewers should have no trouble following along.
in fact, if you're a beginner,
then this is the perfect project for you to continue learning to sew!

here's what my fabulous pattern testers had to say -

"My first thought on seeing the zipper wallet was that it looked quite cute and easy to sew. I wasn't too sure how much I liked the bow, since I'm not much of a "bow person,” but I knew bow making would be good thing to learn. I liked the touch of the ribbon/lace that was added to the front; and I thought that the pattern had tons of potential for not only fun color combinations, but some pattern mixing as well. I read directions completely first and found them easy to follow. I don't sew zippers often, so I very much appreciated the tips and instructions on sewing the zipper. The photos illustrate the written steps very well and are especially handy for understanding the step of putting the outside fabric on the zipper." - Jenn at 619 Miles

"Such a pretty little zippered pouch! When I fist opened the pdf I was really pleased with the layout and the pictures. nice, clean clear and descriptive. Everything was easy to look at and pretty... I liked how you added little extras like how to do a running stitch - you have really made sure that even if a person had never sewed before wouldn't be lost... I can't wait to sit down and sew it!" - Hannah at A Lost Seamstress

"I have to say I love this pattern/tutorial! Just from reading it I have learned a few new things and I am excited to get sewing! I love the little extra notes and detail info that you share throughout! The pictures really do help a lot as I am a visual learner and after reading if I wasn't sure about something all I had to do was look at the pictures and it finally clicks for me! Every little detail is covered and it truly is a wonderfully put together pattern!" - Greta at Crazy and Crafty at Home

"What a cute little wallet! That was my initial thought when I laid eyes on the cover page of Michael Ann's pattern. I love the bow and ribbon embellishments; they just seem to go together perfectly. Types of fabric and colors of fabric that I could use are flowing through my mind; you know the feeling– when you see something that you really want to make, the combinations of fabric start coming to you! I think I have some scraps that will be perfect for this. All I need to get is a zipper! After skimming through the pattern (looks very professional btw), I am confident it will only take me an hour or so. And with detailed instructions and lots of pictures, I don’t think I can go wrong. Looking forward to showing you how it turns out!" - Kim at Craftaphile

your little bow zipper wallet pattern will include 3 pdf files:
photo instructions, text only instructions, and the pattern pieces.
they will be delivered to your paypal email address within 24 hours of purchase.


  1. holy moly,
    me, oh my!
    you're the apple
    of my eye!!

    hip, hip horray!
    so proud of you!


    (that's my line!)
    x o

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