flip top convertible mittens diy

for this week's handmade holiday theme of winter weather clothes,
i converted a pair of basic one dollar gloves into a cute pair of convertible mittens!
now i can keep my hands toasty when its cold outside,
but can also use my fingers and don't feel like a clumsy fool when i need to use my phone... haha!


- a pair of gloves
- a poor old sweater in need of a fresh start, some fuzzy fleece, felt, or anything warm!
- embroidery thread
- paper, pen, scissors

first, trace your fingers on a piece of paper so you know how big to make your mitten top.
then cut your mitten tops out of your fabric, cutting four pieces total, two for each hand.

sew your mitten tops together, right sides together, then fold them right side out.
cut the finger tips off your gloves and decide where you want to place your mitten tops.
the proportions of my little mittens look a little off
because my gloves are kinda small and my fingers are kinda long...
but i won't be complaining when my fingers are warm!

stitch the mitten top onto the glove, on only the backside of the glove, using a whipstitch.
i then decided to whipstitch the other side of the mitten top also, just to keep it from unraveling.
add any kind of embroidered embellishment you're craving to the mitten top,
and you're all done!

my sparkly fingers and i are ready now for all kinds of wintry adventures!

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  1. love love love these! will be making them stat!

  2. Such a great idea. Those little glove are never long enough for my hands. What a great way to fix this problem.

  3. Genius! My fingers are pretty long too, so this might be a good solution for my glove issues. And I love the crosshatch stitching you added :)

  4. Soo cute :)
    What a great way to recycle old, bobbly knits!
    Sue xx

  5. So cute! I need to make me some tracting gloves!


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